2019-2020 Academic Catalog 
    Aug 14, 2022  
2019-2020 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Campus Technology


SCU’s online campus portal is MySCU. MySCU includes SCU’s learning management system (Canvas) and acts as a single point of access for a variety of campus information. University policies, campus safety procedures, financial aid forms, class schedules, campus news, library databases, and other electronic resources are available to faculty, staff, and students on MySCU. Incoming students receive login credentials and learn to navigate MySCU during orientation.


ExamSoft is SCU’s designated exam management system for graduate students. Electronic testing allows students and faculty to monitor progress toward academic benchmarks at a detailed level, and helps to identify areas where tutoring or other resources may be needed.

Students are responsible for downloading exams onto their iPads via an ExamSoft program called Examplify. Students then login to the Examplify program using a password provided by their instructor. Students work offline; Examplify locks the iPad so that once a student begins an exam nothing else on the device can be used until the exam is closed. Upon completion, Examplify uploads the answers for faculty use and deletes the exam files from the iPad.

iPad Requirement

Students entering a graduate program at SCU are required to have an iPad.

iPads are used throughout the curriculum to support instruction. Examinations are electronically administered on the iPad via Examplify.

Students are responsible for the purchase, upkeep and protection of their iPads. It is important to bring a fully charged iPad and charger to campus each day.

The iPad is needed at the beginning of the first term orientation session. At orientation, students receive instruction on the use Examplify for taking exams, Examplify is installed, email is setup, and Wi-Fi is connected.

iPad Technical Requirements

  • At a minimum, a regular iPad with 9.7-inch screen, Wi-Fi, and 32GB is recommended.
    • iPad Pro models are also acceptable
  • If you intend to store significant content, choose a device with 32GB or 64GB.
  • A cellular enabled iPad provides greater mobility but increases the cost of the device and requires a data plan.
  • The iPad mini does not meet our requirements as its screen size may not be adequate for some applications. This could be a disadvantage when you are viewing or testing with some educational materials.

Additional options:

  • Apple Care+ protection plan for extended technical support and accidental damage protection.
  • Safeware.com offers additional insurance coverage for accidental damage and theft.

Tests are administered through Examplify on the iPad. In order for Examplify to run efficiently, the iPad must have:

  • iOS 8, iOS9, and iOS10 (Only genuine versions of iOS are supported).
    • This requirement is likely to change over time and may require upgrading to a new iOS.
  • 30% charge to commence a Secure Exam
  • 500 MB of free space required to commence an exam
  • Not been “Jail Broken”

While older model iPads (iPad 3, iPad 4, iPad Air) are supported by the testing software, current model iPads are encouraged. Examplify (ExamSoft) may change the list of supported devices at any time, leaving older devices unsupported. A newer iPad is more likely to retain its usefulness throughout an entire degree program.