2021-2022 University Catalog 
    Sep 20, 2021  
2021-2022 University Catalog
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AN 0510 - Clinical Nutrition

This course is devoted to the diagnosis of nutrition related illnesses and the integration of nutritional protocols in the treatment of clinical conditions. Students learn to use nutritional assessment in clinical practice. Emphasis is placed on the specific conditions most frequently encountered by healthcare professionals. Prevention and dietary management for care will be discussed. Course instruction includes lectures, guest presentations, case presentations and discussion, as well as independent and team based learning exercises, as well as interactive lectures.
Course Delivery Model(s)
On-Ground, Online Interactive
Lecture Hours: 60
Lab Hours: 0
Total Hours: 60

Credits: 4
Prerequisites: BN 0405 
Corequisites: None
Repeatable (# of times)
Grade Type

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