2020-2021 University Catalog (Fall) 
    Aug 14, 2022  
2020-2021 University Catalog (Fall) [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Academic Grievances

(SCU Policy 5.8)

The following Academic Grievance Policy affords students an opportunity to formally grieve academic related complaints. A student who wishes to file a grievance of a non-academic nature should follow the Grievance Policy outlined in Volume VI, Section 6.7.

Grade Review Grievances

(SCU Policy 5.8.1)

A student who has reason to believe that a grading error has occurred in any class shall promptly submit the grievance in accordance with the procedures outlined in the University’s Grade Change Policy in Section

The procedures outlined in the Grade Review Process should also be followed if the student believes that a grade was determined by standards improperly different from those applied to other students in the course. Student should be aware, however, that evaluation of student performance is the prerogative and responsibility of the professor/instructor. In questions relating to the quality of that performance, the professional judgment of the faculty member is commonly accepted as authoritative. An appeal is most likely to result in a change of grade for a course or assignment only if it includes documented evidence that there was an error in computing the grade, a posting/clerical error, or that the grade was determined by standards improperly different from those applied to other students in the course.

Classroom Procedures and Other Academic Grievances

(SCU Policy 5.8.2)

These procedures should be used to appeal or resolve disputes concerning other academic related decisions considered by a student to be arbitrary or contrary to University policy, including but not limited to, classroom issues (i.e., attendance, failure to adhere to the Course Syllabus, etc.), academic probations or issues pertaining to academic freedom rights. Appeals pertaining to academic dishonesty follow a separate procedure as outlined in the Academic Integrity Code in Section 5.5.2.

Students wishing to pursue an appeals or resolve disputed under this section should first arrange a conference to discuss the appeal or grievance with the faculty member(s) whose action is believed to have violated University policy. It is expected that all of the parties involved at each step of the appeals/grievance process will make a good faith effort to resolve the issues.

In the event that a student feels he/she has not received adequate satisfaction from his discussion with the faculty member involved, the student may submit a written request with all supporting documents to the College Dean.

If an agreement satisfactory to the student and/or instructor cannot be reached as a result of the appeal to the College Dean, the student and/or the instructor may appeal the matter in writing to the Vice President for Academic Affairs, who will render a final decision.