2020-2021 University Catalog (Fall) 
    Jun 15, 2024  
2020-2021 University Catalog (Fall) [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

University Learning Outcomes and Accreditation

University Learning Outcomes

Professional Therapies: The graduate will perform professional therapeutic skills in a competent and caring manner.

Critical Thinking: The graduate will analyze and integrate information gathered from patient/client interactions and apply it to professional health care practice.

Evidence-Based Knowledge: The graduate will utilize foundational health science knowledge, and critically appraise and apply relevant scientific literature in professional health care practice.

Outcomes-Focused Practice: The graduate will successfully develop and implement a health care management plan utilizing appropriate professional methodologies and quality care to achieve best patient/client outcomes.

Communication: The graduate will effectively engage with patients/clients, colleagues, and the public using appropriate professional verbal, non-verbal, and written communication.

Professionalism: The graduate will demonstrate leadership, integrity, respect, and self-reflection while employing ethical and legal standards in professional and community interactions.

Integrative Healthcare: The graduate will serve as an effective member of a healthcare team, collaborating with other professionals to improve community health and patient outcomes for the health of individuals and the community.

University Accreditation

Southern California University of Health Sciences is accredited by WASC Senior College and University Commission (WSCUC), 985 Atlantic Avenue, Suite 100, Alameda, CA 94501. Phone: (510) 748-9001.